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Thread: 1978 Superman Marggot Kidder passed at 69

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    1978 Superman Marggot Kidder passed at 69

    Just saw on CNN that Margott Kidder from the 1978 Superman film passed away at 69.

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    I heard her speak a few years back. She reminded me a bit of Carrie Fisher. RIP, Margot!

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    She was my 1st, favorite big screen Lois Lane...she beat out many other actress because of her chemistry with Christopher Reeve. R.I.P. “You’ve got me...who’s got you?!”

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    you got to love the scene where Lois punches Ursa.

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    Margot Kidder was the best Lois Lane ever.
    Noel Neill (1950s Superman Lois Lane) is a close second.
    Sad to see our classic actors passing from some of the most beloved movies of all time.
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