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Thread: Help Identifying Gamorrean Guard Axes?

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    Help Identifying Gamorrean Guard Axes?

    Hi there,

    Recently been checking through all the weapons I have in my collection for repro's, but finding these hard to identify. Can anyone help?

    All of these sink and checking them against photos online I've labelled what I think they are, are what they are trying to be, along with some other traits. I'm thinking the first one is repro as I do have another one which looks the same, but is much softer and flexible which is cast in brown and has a painted blade.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks Jon

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    No pics in the link. Get the pics up and we can help out. The guard axes aren’t too hard to id.

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    There were two paint variations to the Gam Guard axes. One is cast in silver with a brown painted handle and one was cast in brown with a silver painted blade. There is a silver cast/painted handle that is flexible, that would be the Lili Ledy/Made In Mexico variant.
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