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Thread: FS: 12 and 21 back AFA 60,70,75,80. Also ungraded POTF MOC

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    FS: 12 and 21 back AFA 60,70,75,80. Also ungraded POTF MOC

    Hello again after a bit of a hiatus, hope everyone is well.
    Been back home in Sydney for 18 months now and loving it.

    Some pieces here for sale as I am changing up the collection to keep things interesting.

    AFA cases with the slide open bottom for the non graded POTF MOC are included in my asking price.
    Will ship tracked shipping from Sydney, Australia. Approximately $30USD a figure to most places.
    This shipping cost is NOT included in my asking price.
    Happy to ship multiple figures in one box to save on shipping.
    Payment accepted through Paypal only, gift or goods and services plus 4%

    All prices are in USD.

    Please keep in mind the time difference between myself and yourself when contacting me.
    PMs will be answered on order of receipt.

    If you would like some more pictures, please feel free to ask. Am happy to help with any specific requests.

    A few group shots first, followed by individual photos and pricing. Thanks for looking.

    POTF 92 back PAPLOO. USD$150

    POTF 92 back ROMBA USD$150

    POTF 92 back AMANAMAN USD$300

    POTF 92 back BARADA USD$180


    POTF 92 back EV9D9 USD$220

    POTF 92 back WAROK USD$150

    POTF 92 back AWING PILOT USD$250



    SW 21backB WALRUSMAN AFA75 Archival USD$450

    SW 12backB SAND PEOPLE AFA60 Archival USD$400

    SW 12backA HAN SOLO Small Head AFA75 Archival USD$800

    SW 12backA CHEWBACCA AFA70 Archival USD$700

    SW 12backB R2D2 AFA70 Archival USD $700

    SW 12backA PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA AFA80 Archival USD$800

    SW 12backC LUKE SKYWALKER AFA70 Archival USD700

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    PM sent, thanks!

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    To anyone on the fence or wondering about this bloke down under, Sax is a fantastic trader. Second to none!

    Go get his stuff. You're in good hands.

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    PM Sent. Thanks.
    Disclaimer: No vintage MOCs (or baggies) were harmed during the preparation of this post.
    Skye: "You can put lipstick on an Ugnaught bootleg, but it is still an Ugnaught bootleg."

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    pm sent, thx
    Looking for Meccano and Harbert Carded

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