Here's some simple additions to my collection.

I always wanted Hux to have a place to store his pistol and in TLJ, he pulled it out of a cross draw type holster. I didn't really see how it looked, but just decided to use an extra Finn in Officer disguise holster and modified it onto my Hux. Sadly, I am not skilled enough to sculpt hair so he has to just leave his cap on.
I didn't need to have Finn standing beside Hux, so I swapped out the Finn head for an Avengers Black Panther unmasked head. Also painted the neck on another Finn to plop on a Nick Fury head. I did this before, but the flesh was too orange. I redid it and I think it looks a lot better now.

Some pics of Hux without his jacket:

The jacket conceals it nicely and here is with some other officers.

Extra Officers

Nick Fury head officer