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Thread: Pote Snitkin - Jabba's skiff pilot

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    Cool Pote Snitkin - Jabba's skiff pilot

    Hi all. I've been at it once again. This time I've finally gotten around to doing a figure I've wanted to do for several years -Pote Snitkin. He's the last of the skiff guards on my list. I had a hard time deciding how to do him so I kept putting it off. But here he is articulated and with soft goods.

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    Very nice update! Mind sharing the recipe?

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    He ended up being a hodgepodge of different parts I had in storage. Many of them can be substituted but the main parts are the legs and the head and hands.
    Here is what I used:

    Head/hands - Pote Snitkin (original figure)
    Legs and waste - Owen Lars (Legacy)
    *Torso - Chief Temple guard (Indiana Jones Temple of Doom)
    *Upper arms - Roth Del Mesona
    *Lower arms - Belloq (Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark)
    *Plastic skirt - Ric Olie
    Robe - Tusken Raider robe
    Orange tunic - cut from orange cloth
    Belt - cut from tan cloth
    Shoulder pins, belt pouches - cut from Pote Snitkin garment (Original figure)

    * These parts can be substituted since they will mostly be covered when finished. I chose Belloq's forearms because they have cuffs on the sleeves same as Pote Snitkin.

    Assembled parts. The head is dremelled out to fit down onto neck peg and the hands are cut to fit inside the large opening of the sleeves. The peg holes inside Belloq's sleeves are small so I connected the hands with toothpicks so they can still move. The skirt is to fill in the gap between the torso and the legs and to provide a surface to adhere the orange tunic if necessary (which it wasn't)

    Ah, the old reliable green-stuff. I sculpted the turtle neck, shirt, shoulders and sleeves. The shoulders and most of the shirt would be hidden later but were added to give him more bulk. This was a challenge since I wanted his arms to still be able to move. That's why he looks like a football player here. I also needed to puff out the sleeves a little bit.

    The sculpted sections have been painted. The orange tunic is just cut from cloth and super glued together (much easier than sewing! )

    I very carefully folded under the edges of the robe and super glued them in place. This keeps it from fraying and gives it a smoother look. The belt is cut from brown cloth and "painted" with Elmer's glue before being put on. This also helps keep the material from fraying but gives it more flexibility than super glue. I also crunched it up as a put it on to give a nice weathered effect.

    The shoulder clips were cut from the plastic cloak and trimmed to set flat on his shoulders. These are also super glued in place.

    The pouches were cut from the plastic cloak and filled in a little with green stuff. I created a small hole through it and once the putty hardened I threaded it onto the belt.

    I think that's about it. The feet are painted and the legs given a weathered look. There is a draw string added to the cloak too which was just threaded through with a needle.

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    Thanks for sharing those step by step directions, gonna have to take a crack at this! It's an awesome update!

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    Very impressive! Pote looks excellent!

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