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Thread: Do you troop build?

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    Do you troop build?

    I've been wondering how many vintage collectors troop build. If so do you have a certain number you stop at or do you just keep all the great looking Stormtroopers, etc you can find?

    As I've been quickly reassembling my collection one lot at a time, I've built quite an armada of troop building figures. For figures like Gamorrean Guard, Royal Guards, AT-AT Drivers, Tie Pilots, Death Squad Commanders, Imperial Commanders, and both rebel troopers I've stopped at 2 each. But for Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers, and Biker Scouts I find myself keeping as many as I can. They even seem to get a place in my collection if condition isn't really up to par. I just love the classic look of these guys. Also, I wonder if it's simply worth keeping extra troops as I'm sure I'm not going to get much reselling them and it's more fun to have multiples than say a figure like...Logray.

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    I've got a vintage troop transport, filled with 6 Stormtroopers. There are a few others scattered throughout my collection, but one of my favorite items is a Darth Vader case filled with 31 Stormtroopers. I even have the blasters in the weapons compartment.

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    One day (soon I hope) I plan on displaying my playsets with figures. My minty figures will be on their own display, however I plan on loose incomplete or beaters to make dioramas for fun.
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    I'm not a troop building collector, but I get a kick out of seeing odd ball armies like 10,000 yodas or chewies or ugnaughts. I think an army of ugnaughts is my worst nightmare and greatest dream combined. I don't get the same jolt of excitement doing rebel or imperial troops, but still enjoy seeing displays of them.

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