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Thread: Sideshow New Obi Wan Kenobi Premium Format ??

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    Sideshow New Obi Wan Kenobi Premium Format ??

    Maveric223 on Freaks caught a screen grab on SSL with a photo that may be a new Obi Wan Pf. Also on Statue Forum.
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    yeah was a good catch by him

    ridiculous that were getting 2 ANH Kenobi's before 1 PT Kenobi though.
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    Statues are now too much for most characters to get made anymore. I started to think that when we hit $400.00. in about 2014. Drat Darth Malgus was $170.00 less than Leia.
    GG also have tripled use to pay $100.00 for a statue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthdroideka View Post
    Maveric223 on Freaks caught a screen grab on SSL with a photo that may be a new Obi Wan Pf. Also on Statue Forum.
    Man, when you start a thread mentioning photos from another forum/board/site, why don't you show them here? Or at least post a link to that particular thread. You do this constantly. Is that so much to ask? You just want to post first a thread or a topic? Not sure why is this happening all the time, I'm really curious. It is no hard task to do it, easier than writing a few words:

    Posting a link to the thread:

    Posting a photo by simply taking the .img link and adding it here by clicking the pic button as seen below:

    and the result is:


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    Few thoughts about this new Obi-Wan PF and how I feel about Sideshow PF collecting:
    I’m 100% onboard with SS revisiting OT characters done before. Given that I was not in a place when it comes to my finances to get any of them when originally released, I’m happy to have an opportunity now. I’m sure a lot of other younger/newer collectors feel the same. Sideshow and most of the Star Wars collectibles companies have realized that they can make the most money by selling OT collectibles especially those of the major characters. I also like how the new PF statues have more dynamic posses and, in the case of the lightsaber wilding characters, better lit lightsabers. Now, these higher prices means that I’m limiting my new purchases to major characters who I deem “worthy” of such a large purchase. There is no way that I could just get everything that SS puts out and also wouldn’t get multiple PF statues of the same character. With all that being said I will definitely be getting this when released and use Sideshow’s payment plan.

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    I'd be all over this PF but I'm happy with my Kenobi Mythos.

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    Obi-Wan (old Ben) is my favorite character from the OT. That's why I have an array of collectibles dealing with the character, from the MR EP IV lightsaber to the Mythos statue. I will most likely be buying this PF, however, I'll have to wait for pictures showing the sculpt closer and from different angles. I'm interested, just not too sure what to make of it right now from this far away shot.
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