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Thread: Animated mini-busts wanted or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobafett21 View Post
    No thanks, Id rather have Gentle Giant focus on Characters from the movies.
    We dont get enough as it is, let alone if we add more to the fray.
    Sums up my feelings too. If we only get so many star wars busts a year I'd prefer they were from the movies.

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    Rex is a mix and Bly and Fox are animated, kinda disappointed they never continued that look with at least a few more clones.

    So many busts/maquettes they can do from TCW, so I'd be down.

    I'd pick up a few Rebels ones too.
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    Anything and everything Sabine Wren please!
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    I think there are some great animated characters that can be turned into great busts. But I’d like to be made with a realistic look in keeping with the overall loom of the mini bust line. The Obi Wan in clone armour is a good example. I wouldn’t buy any that were made to look like them animated characters, as it wouldn’t fit my collection.

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