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    lotsofcoolstuff14 on ebay

    I was following an open auction for a ROTJ Weequay AFA 85Y on ebay. The auction ends on May 03, 2018 at 7:37PM selling for $170.47. Within 15 minutes, that same figure has been relisted as a BIN for $299.99.

    After a quick comparison of the winning bidders feedback score and the new sellers, they are in fact the same person. What bugs me is this. The original seller is located in New Hampshire. The new seller is in California. He doesn't even have it in hand yet and is already trying to flip it. Plenty could go wrong during shipment or the original seller could have misrepresented it. Not only that, but he is using the exact same pictures that the original seller used.

    I don't fault someone for wanting to make a quick flip, but this just seems unethical to me and anyone who engages in these types of practices deserves to be blocked.
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