You might ask on the Hill's facebook page, someone may have some pictures there.

We had a bunch of Hill's Department Stores back home in West Virginia. Where I grew up there was four or five stores with in about 20 miles, in and around Huntington. Hill's had the toys, they were the best place (around here anyhow) to get toys at until the late 80's when a TRU opened up. A cherry ICEE and a pretzel, no visit to Hill's was complete with out those. That smell that hit you when you first entered, never been to another place that was quite the same. I mean that in a good way. Oh and those huge bags of fresh popcorn, good times!

Those toy displays at Hill's was just amazing. I remember standing there for what seemed like hours just stareing at everything they had set up. The store we went to the most, I think whoever set up the display really took a lot of pride on their work. They would raid the model train isle and get trees and bushes, and logs from I don't know where. They went all out, especially the year they had a Hoth diorama set up with the AT-AT, AT-ST and Snowspeeders hanging down. I don't know what they used for the snow, baking powder maybe. But it was perfect. They must have seen the movie, they even had the Rebel Transport set up at the back of the display with a bunch of Hoth Rebel Troopers and Officers around it.

Maybe the best and biggest one I saw was when the GIJoe USS Flagg came out, they made a huge sea battle with it. They had Skystrikers, Skyhawks fighting Rattlers and Fangs, hanging down. With a Cobra Moray doing a torpedo attack on the Flagg. There was so many figures, I bet they had every figure that was out at the time there. And so many Shipwrecks, the bridge was full of Shipwreck figures. He was the one that looked like a sailor. Those Hill's displays were something we always looked forward to, going to see them was as big a deal as getting a new toy.