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Thread: SPACETROOPER Mini Bust - 2018 PGM Gift #1

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    SPACETROOPER Mini Bust - 2018 PGM Gift #1

    Spacetroopers were stormtroopers equipped to operate in Zero-G environments. They wore a variant of the Stormtrooper armor fitted with a rebreather pack. They wielded both an E-11 blaster rifle and a specialized heavy blaster. Spacetroopers were notably used to patrol the outside of the Death Star, a moon-sized battle station.During the construction of the first Death Star, Space troopers were used for security on the outside of the station.

    Announced as the first PGM gift for 2018, Gentle Giant brought to light this hardly ever mentioned trooper sporting his powerful heavy blaster. Here is the first public view of the development of the character as a concept drawing ...

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    I’m hoping for the helmet to look less stretched out on this one, the last few Stormtrooper helmets have been a bit off when it comes to the helmet, I’m not sure why? This will be my 2nd gift option as an oversized helmet is more appealing on a display than the potential for a human character that looks nothing like it’s meant to be (although I’m really hoping Leia turns out well, if the artwork is anything to go by I’d be instantly sold).
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