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Thread: Jabba's Dungeon White Figure Box... Yes or No?

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    Jabba's Dungeon White Figure Box... Yes or No?

    Does anyone know if either the first or second issue Jabba's Dungeon had a white figure box that the bagged figures came in? I'm trying to complete both playsets and I don't know if I need to be on the hunt for a figure box. Just so you all know what I mean, like the Rebel Command Center or the Cantina Adventure Set, both had white boxes with the names of the figures printed on them that the figures came in. You guys know what i mean. So did the Jabba's Dungeon, 1st or POTF issue have a box like that?

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    The baggie figures for both Jabba Dungeon sets were not in white boxes like the other ESB sets.
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    Okay good! That makes life a little easier. I had never seen one before, so didn't think they did, but i wasn't sure. Thanks!

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    So, I found this on ebay. Was this something that was a mail order via a catalog or something? This isn't the box that was with the playset right?

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    No, that wasn't in the box.
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