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Thread: Takara metal collection figures

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    Takara metal collection figures

    Is there already thread discussing these? They are Japan-only 3 inch tall figure with rather soft sculpts and very limited articulation. But the draw is that they're METAL.

    The Han in Carbonite came out a few weeks ago and it's awesome. Feels heavy and cool to the touch.

    I find myself more obsessed with these figures recently than the Black Series 6 inch, which I know is a step backwards, but they're just so much fun cause the metal really adds something to it.

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    I haven't seen these. Do you have any photos or a link?

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    They have a bunch of properties, but Marvel and Star Wars seem to be the biggest.

    Like I said, I love the Han in Carbonite, and I also bought the yellow Star Wars logo cause it was unique. It's a heavy little chunk of die cast metal too!

    I have Boba Fett and I'm exited they're doing a ROTJ version next month.

    Remember, these are small and not super detailed, but I just think they have a really cool charm to them.

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    I think they been out for a couple of years. I like this line. I only collect the droids. love the metal aspect.

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    Saw a bunch of these guys in person at the Super7 store in San Diego a few months ago. They were really cool in person and I was very tempted to buy some. But they’re pretty pricey for their size, and I just don’t need ANOTHER line to collect. So I abstained.

    but they were really cool...

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    Well if you can only get one I can't recommend the Carbonite Han enough.

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    Just looking through their web page and i see that they're doing the Millennium Falcon from Solo. I may have to get one of these to go with the other two.

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