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Thread: James Gleason as Nemet?

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    James Gleason as Nemet?

    The Philadelphia Comic con is showing that James Gleason played Nemet. I thought Mark Jones played that role. I don't see any SW or ESB credits for Gleason. Can anyone shed a little light on this? thanks!

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    I hear Gleason is the VO, like Ankrum/Wedge... someone was offering a sig p/u for him at this event.

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    Ahh yes, that would make sense, the number of voice overs in the original trilogy never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for the response!

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    Probably because commander Nemet appears in different scenes (in background of the Avenger), James Gleason can be Nemet like John Morton (Dak) is Boba Fett in Bespin scene.
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