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Thread: 1980 Stride Rite Darth Vader Shoes

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    1980 Stride Rite Darth Vader Shoes

    Not your typical collectible, but I thought Iíd share these. Made by Stride Rite in 1980, this pair was depicted Darth Vader. I donít know much about them other than they were well taken care of and lightly worn Iím guessing since the soles are in great shape. The box art wis fantastic showing then Rebel armored transports, but what really sold me was what was inside. The Falcon sitting in alone in the main Hoth hanger was reminiscent of the Searís Rebel Command Center with its Ralph McQuirre influence. Does anyone know anything about them, if Stride Rite had versions other than Darth Vader? Iím assuming so since the sticker on the side indicates that they are the Vaderís as opposed to something else a shoe clerk would maybe get them mixed up for. Or does anyone have a story about owning a vintage pair of Star Wars shoes?

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    The darth vader is one of my favorite figures and I have a lot of figures made by LEGO
    you have allowed this dark Lord to twist your mind, until now, until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

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