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Thread: Yerka Mig: Looking for the perfect head to use with little to no sculpting.

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    Yerka Mig: Looking for the perfect head to use with little to no sculpting.

    Hey customizers. I'm not talented in customizing but am custom-curious

    I have a short list of figures I've decided Hasbro is never going to make and want to know about customizing them. I've started looking for parts because I don't plan on doing a ton of painting and sculpting. Kitbash is best for me I think.

    First up is Yerka Mig. I've seen lots of customs but can't decide what looks most like the worn out spacer. What is your experience with him? I've kinda ruled out Han or Luke because they're a bit too recognizable. I've been trying to find a G.I. Joe or other head. Any suggestions?
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    I'd recommend matthew mcconau**** from the Saraha line. Paint the hair a dirty blonde. The face is nice than ole Yerka. but the hair style and length goes well. Also a build and brawl Jerrico figure has the blonde hair and scowl for a stylized cantina patron.

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    I used the General Poe Dameron head from the 5 poa two pack with the snowtrooper. Not the perfect head sculpt but the hair is very similar and I repainted to look more like Yerka. Cassian Andor body,Yavin Luke jacket, new hands.
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