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Thread: Neat Stuff Collectibles / ebay seller Neatstuffcollectibles

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    Neat Stuff Collectibles / ebay seller Neatstuffcollectibles

    Someone started this thread about a "custom" firing rocket Fett prototype they bought off of Neatstuffcollectibles (NSC) on eBay:

    That item is suspected to be a fan made custom figure, as well as other "custom" "hardcopies" or "prototypes", with no proven relationship to Kenner contrary to what NSC has alleged in their listings.

    With all the discussions and information being shared on the FB pages about the NSC sales, I thought it would be good, as suggested by Joe Fiore, to start a thread about NSC auctions on this forum so that the information is made publicly available.


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    Found this auction with what should be the Kenner source's name. You can see it in Picture 11 and again in picture 12.

    Tried searching for James's ties to Kenner but couldn't find anything. Maybe others know of him
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    Thanks for posting this Matthieu let's make sure anyone who googles Neatstuffcollectibles get these pages and sees they scam (and thanks to Joe for suggesting it)

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    This has just been shared on the Empire Strikes Back FB group:

    <<An anonymous submission shedding light on neatstuffcollectibles:

    Regarding the auctions from seller "neatstuffcollectibles" and their claims that the items came from "the original Kenner factory in Ohio and sourced by a former engineer/toymaker who requested anonymity" and "worked there for over 30 years" and "All prototypes in this auction are actually figures he himself designed and engineered or hand painted." I can tell you that these claims are false and many of them are mislabeled as legitimate prototypes when they are actually customs. I'd like to request that I remain anonymous as does my friend who can help confirm what i'm typing. This is due to the fact that the seller does have SOME legitimate prototypes that we have won and would like to continue to bid on if he keeps listing items (even though he said these auctions would only run through April 7. Normally, I would not mind such auction claims but there are so many of these items that are being sold that myself and others that I've talked to in the modern and vintage community would like to bring to light this information so that others are not duped into believing these claims. It is easy to think and want to believe that these are true claims by the seller since Ebay itself is promoting these auctions for the seller with emails out to collectors and banners on Ebay linking people to these auctions. Anyhow, here is what i know:

    I was not too sure who the source was and had been talking with a friend about the auctions and he texted me one day saying that some of the customs that were being sold as coming from this kenner engineer were customs that my friend made in the late 90s.

    The seller listed this auction with figures and mailaways which supposedly came from this same anonymous kenner engineer

    In photo number 11 and photo 12 there are mail away boxes with a name and address on them. The name when you zoom in says James Ebersole

    I checked google which is usually something i do when trying to confirm a source worked for Kenner or Hasbro as it usually brings up their linkedin profile with previous work history at either company. Searching for James Ebersole and Jim Ebersole both bring up no such information to validate these claims of a kenner employee.

    When I found this name I also sent the info to my friend who texted me back saying "Damn, I know him". Then the story got even more interesting. I've attached some screenshots of part of the conversation. According to my friend he sold many of his customs to Jim back in the late 90s early 2000s. Additionally he used to bid against Jim on prototype auctions back then as well. My friend started to remember several of the items being sold in these auctions as items that he had bid against Jim on and lost to Jim as well as many customs that he had made and sold to Jim. He went back through his emails and sure enough he had records from some of these customs sales and other conversations he'd had with Jim.

    It would seem that this ebay seller just purchased Jim's collection and is selling them as coming from a kenner engineer. The claims of some of these customs coming from original vintage kenner molds (custom rocket fett auctions and others) are untrue as my friend created some of these himself and some of the rocket fetts are $30 ebay Mark Poon customs.

    There are also many misrepresentations in these auctions. For instance the Emperor palpatine and soldier auction that sold were sold as an unproduced 2 pack appears to be a custom painted set. The imperial in that auction was a POTJ figure which was made by Hasbro so it would have not been around in 1997 when the POTF2 Emperor was made. No blue face emperor engineering pilots/paint samples have ever surfaced before. The POTF2 emperor EPs had flesh color skin paint on hands and face which the seller did have an auction for.

    There are numberous prototypes that are legitimate first shots that are being labeled as unproduced which are indeed produced such as the gunner station han solo first shot and supposed paint sample with unproduced legs as this was from the Millenium falcon computer game set.

    and the supposed unproduced sculpt mynock leia which is just the hoth leia potf2 figure

    Items like this darth maul are listed as prototypes having different paint schemes when this is just a production figure and even has copyrights on the bottom of the feet though its hard to tell as the photo is very blurry. A real prototype with the different paintscheme has a grey vest and lots of dirt applications on the speeder and no copyrights on the feet of the figure

    Here is a custom royal guard that was sold as a potf2 prototype for over $500. The figure was made in 1997 but this "prototype" has the head from the 2002 royal guard and the pike accessory from the same 2002 Saga figure.

    then these royal guard custom auctions were listed from the same seller after this first one sold

    My friend made several of these holographic custom figures in this auction and sold them to Jim as well that were described as being made off of the "original kenner molds" The luke jedi is a potf2 figure and even still has the copyright info which would not be present on a hardcopy or something made from an original mold. My friend still owns one of his luke jedi customs and said that his has yellowed too like this one and the Anakin in the lot which he also made over 20 years ago using translucent resin and glass stain/paint from Michael's craft store (attached a photo of how the Luke used to look before it yellowed).

    These are just a few examples of the shadiness but there are plenty of others. I would suggest that if anyone who has bought some of these auctions and has questions on the legitimacy of the item should contact experts in the hobby for their opinion on the various facebook groups for vintage figures, modern and vintage prototype groups, and star wars autograph groups. The seller does allow refunds as I know a few people who have already returned stuff once they got it and realized they were not legit and NSC just relisted it when they got it back (Prince Xizor "prototype" (custom) auction) with the same verbiage.>>

    And here is the link to the full FB post:

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