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Thread: FS/FT: Leia Pink Poncho First Shot Prototypes (SOLD)

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    FS/FT: Leia Pink Poncho First Shot Prototypes (SOLD)

    FT/FS: Leia Pink Poncho First Shot Prototypes

    I have decided to sell the last of my prototypes and am letting go of my 2 Leia Pink Poncho first shots. I would be open to selling, trades and payment plans.

    These are both very rare and highly sought-after pre-production piece and currently there are only 4 loose Leia pink poncho figures (1 hardcopy, 2 painted first shots and 1 unpainted first shot) and 4 carded samples (one of which I sold last year) known to exist.

    Painted First Shot: SOLD

    The figure is a pre production sample / first shot with a pink poncho, non production light brown hair and unproduced HK copyright markings. It matches known carded examples. The figure also comes with the original belt and hat that were found with it. The belt it much harder and stiffer than the production version. The hat has the exact same mold and shade/gloss as the carded samples. The blaster is a production blaster. Comes with slide bottom display case.

    Unpainted First Shot: SOLD

    The figure is an unpainted first shot with a pink poncho, non production colour orange/red hat, dark blue unproduced Endor blaster and non production colour head. The figure is completely unpainted and everything is in mint condition. The figure also comes with the original belt. Comes with slide bottom display case. (Please note the blaster is taped to the side of the case close to the leg).

    I'm happy to share further details and pictures with anyone interested.

    Value wise I'm looking for 8,500 ($11,500) for the painted first shot and 9,600 ($13,000) for the unpainted first shot.

    This is based on other similar prototypes I have sold in the last few years including a carded Leia Pink Poncho, White Coat Bib Fortuna, Han Non-camo Brown Trench coat, Blue Cape Lando General as well as many other first shots and protomolded figures like the below.

    Any cash payments in GBP by paypal gift otherwise add 4% for fees.

    FREE Global Express International Delivery (Delivery from the next working day to USA, Canada and Europe, and from 2 working days for the rest of the world). I'll ensure the item is shipped quickly, safely and securely.

    I am also open to considering payment plans.

    I would also be interested in hearing trade or part trade offers for any high end proof cards particularly R5-D4 or any other rare or interesting proof cards.

    I have 100% positive feedback on eBay, Rebelscum, TIG and SWFUK and have sold many other prototypes and pre production items over the years all of which come from reliable sources and have strong provenance. Please PM me or drop me an email at

    Thanks Oli
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    One and only price drop before considering offers. Still open to hearing trade offers for interesting proof cards.

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    Painted first shot is SOLD

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    Congrats bud! Beautiful figures.
    Wanted: Jawa sample proofs,a textured cape Leia, and any Boushh proofs. I'm also currently looking for a 21 ESB back Leia Organa proof. I have cash and many great trade items!
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    Congrats on sale!
    WTB: Foreign MOCs - Meccano, Harbert, PBP/Poch, Lili Ledy, Glasslite, Top Toys
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