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Thread: My current collection

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    Looking good, thinking the mini-busts are going to need a bit more space if your going to add to the collection though.
    Thanks Kev. You are right and the Flametrooper is coming still this weekend with nowhere to go . Also what do you think is a good price for the 1/5 Attakus Cody? I see a couple out there now for $350-$380 shipped. Both as you said look really nice, I like the Order 66 one but the other one is quite nice as well.
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    I have seen a few turn up cheaper than that $250.00-$300.00 so it might be worth hanging on a little while & seeing what others get listed first, the ready to fight statue tends to be cheaper than the order 66 version but when you have them in hand they both look stunning.
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    Added the Flametrooper today. I seriously need a bigger boat as the shelf space for mini busts is now to capacity. When I move and get more space also going to sort them by Classic and armed busts.

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    Good to see it fits in the display nicely, just enough space.
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    Yep, never tell me the odds .
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