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Thread: Average Figure Cost?

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    Average Figure Cost?

    I have a lot of 40+ figures in a range of conditions I want to get rid of. Some are in better condition than others. Only Dengar and the Rebel Endor Trooper are complete and their weapons float (purchased in '95 so safe to assume original). Bib Fortuna and the Royal Guard still have their soft goods. I have two Jawas with soft goods but am not sure if they're original. The Tusken and Wicket's weapons sink. Repro? These things are good for playing with, using for spare parts on other beaters if you're into restoration, or for a new collector just wanting to fill his shelf quickly with no regard to quality.

    I also have a very scummy Wampa (yellowed and stained), a Tauntaun with the later thick saddle strap (closure broken; reigns broken), and Jabba the Hurt with Hookah, Salacious Crumb, and a leash thing that clips to his arm.

    I guess I'd sell the figures together and the creatures separately. What would be a fair price for these things? I'd love to take whatever I can get and use it toward the PotF2 AT-AT I never had as a kid. My son's getting all my PotF2 stuff which is all in nicer condition and complete so I have no need for the vintage anymore.
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