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Thread: Sticky forever?

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    Sticky forever?


    I've got a box of mostly beater figures that are all sticky and gross. It's my understanding the plastic is degrading? PotF2 figures opened out of their packages in 2018 tended to feel a bit tacky to the touch and I was able to make them good as new with some hot water and dish soap.

    That method isn't working with the vintage ones. The hard plastic torsosare fine but the limbs and heads are still sticky. Do they need extra attention or are they beyond saving? I have no desire to keep them but I can't gift them to kids or sell them to a collector in the state they're in.


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    Don't use hot water. Use luke warm soapy water. I like to use a name brand dish soap. Also plain without fragrance. Let them soak for a little while hitting them with a soft tooth brush now and then. They should clean up and the tacky feel would hopefully go away. Sounds like you need to wash them a few times, but the soapy bath soak should help.
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    Thanks. I used warm water and they all feel fine now. Thank you.

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    the bad news is they will get sticky again. Once it starts it won't stop. You will just have to give them another bath. The really bad new is once your wife catches you doing this over and over, she starts telling everyone your crazy.

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