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Thread: Mystery R2D2

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    Mystery R2D2

    I came across something the other day that I am trying to figure out what it was. It was a R2D2 cross section. It was flat on both front and back but had the R2 outline and sticker in the front. It had a single red light on front. The Rear had a speaker and battery door. It also had a very long grey wire coming out of the top , with just alligator clips attahced(didnít look like they belonged). My first guess was it was some wire walkie talkie but canít find anything. I wish I had taken a pic but figured it would be easy to find.

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    Naw, it had no opening from what I could tell.

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    Estes model rocket remote for the launcher.

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    Wow that’s it, thanks never would have thought of that.

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