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Thread: Darth Vader's Castle...WIP

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    Darth Vader's Castle...WIP

    I have started working on an idea for a large cardboard playset based on Vader's Castle from "Rogue One." I have been looking over reference material and yesterday spent some time sketching out the dimensions in PhotoShop so that I can start drawing the wall panels and floors. I usually drop a thread here when the work is done, but I want to try a diary of the process this time, like I did some 15 years ago here in my "Modular Death Star" thread. (It's old, a lot of the old formatting shows and later pictures have been lost.)

    I am going to try to build this thing to resemble the Castle tower exterior from the front, with an open back to allow for play and/or display with 3 3/4" figures. It's not going to be to scale in any way, just a playset with different environments represented on each of its 4 interior levels.

    Here is the sketch I did yesterday to figure out dimensions:

    I will post updates in the future as this thing moves along. Thanks for looking!

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    You mad, magnificent, son of a gun! I'm super excited to see this!
    If and when you make these available for sales, don't even bother with a link, just PM me paypal invoice!

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    I'm glad you are finally getting back to this. (Still needs the Droid Dojo though!)

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    Cannot wait to see this baby! It's great to see things that have never been done before (that I know of). Lol @ Pete I know what you mean!
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