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Thread: Custom Mini Star Destoyer

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    Custom Mini Star Destoyer


    I picked up a Lego SSD a while ago and my son and I just finished building it. To me, the included Star Destroyer looks a little undersized. I thought the ratio was 5:1 (SSD 5 km long and ISD 1 km long). It looks like I was mistaken and an SSD is actually 11 km long. So that would make the Midi Star Destroyer too large. I'm looking for something in the 6" range. The included Star Destroyer is about 4" long. Does anyone have a good plan for building a 6" Star Destroyer or can point me in the right direction?


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    I'm taking up this challenge and applying some science to this

    I found a reference that says the UCS SSD is about 125cm which, based on the stud calculator at, is 156 studs in length. I did a quick check on a photo of the UCS SSD (because I don't have one) and I was able to squint it out and counted around 155 studs. The sidekick Star Destroyer is 8 studs long.

    Both Wookipeedia and Star Wars' entry for The Executor has it at 19km in length, and the average Star Destroyer is 1.6km long.

    So the scaled-down ratio of a "real life" Star Destroyer, compared to a Super-sized one, is 19/1.6 = 11.9

    Extrapolating the stud length of the UCS set (125/11.9) we get a Star Destroyer stud length of 11, or roughly 50% bigger.

    So your 6" long SD is bang on. It only took me 140 words to get there!

    Here's your answer - just click on the images!

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