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Thread: Denny's Solo Promotion

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    Denny's Solo Promotion

    Has anyone else had the chance to hit Denny's for the Solo menu? I've been twice now, and picked up a few of the cups and 8 packs of cards.

    If anyone's interested in organizing a trade for needed cards, I'd be up for it.

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    I picked up all 4 cups and 8 packs of cards and was able to get a complete set of cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jediblood View Post
    I picked up all 4 cups and 8 packs of cards and was able to get a complete set of cards.
    Just a heads up, there is a hologram variant for each of the 12 cards in the set. If ebay is to be believed the hologram variants have a rarity rate of 1:100 packs. Rebelscum also has pictures up of a press kit they got during a Denny's press event that has a Solo themed shirt and Solo themed Denny's gift card. No clue if those will be at actual Denny's restaurants, but they might be something to look into.
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    Coincidentally, I hit DENNYS for breakfast today, bought two packs of cards, and pulled a foil (of the L3 Droid)
    Quick scan on the 'bay, and found out my breakfast was paid for. Crazy that a food promo is going for that kinda

    (EDIT) Yes, the foil wrappers for the cards do say the odds on pulling a foil is 1:100

    And I *did*get one ea of all four GIFT CARDS. But, having been back 3 more times, the HANs have
    been sold out after Day-1 (in all 3 DENNYs in my town)
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    Looking to trade for Qi'ra, Range Trooper, and Enfy's Nest.

    I have duplicates of Lando, Han, L3-37, Moloch, and Therm Scissorpunch (Picture Attached)

    Pretty nice looking cards. I picked up all the cups also. I ended up talking to the manager, and he told me that around the time "Solo" hits the theaters, they are going to have a second wave of cups. This second wave will be full body character cups (I'm thinking he meant kind of like the Episode I Pizza Hut Cups from 20 years ago). He said they were going to be $5 each, but he wasn't sure how many were in the complete set. If I get any more info, I'll post it here.

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    ^ Got your back for the trades!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Chosen_1 View Post
    ^ Got your back for the trades!

    Great Trade, Thanks!

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