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Thread: Solo - Droid Factory Four-Pack Set

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    Up on the useless App...parks only. Maybe that will change in time but once again Disney App proves to be nothing more than the Disney tease app
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    ^typical Disney BS, to claim a droid factory item "x" will be available on "Y" date then it not be fully truthful. I just went w/ an ebay B.O. ..not the "cheapest" listed BUT from a seller I bought from b4, in fact all but 1 or 2 BAD protocols and several astromechs, through this particular seller, so I was ok w/ spending an extra $ or 2 more than would've charged with shipping and taxes. The "cheapest" eBay listing, seemed off to me, seller frequently added more quantity but also added more handling time w/ each revision.
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    I’m kind of hoping they don’t release a sandcrawler at this point. I’d hate to see the eBay price. I got the starspeeder back when the parks would ship it for you but that service seems to be replaced by a far inferior app.

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    I think I'll just get R2-S8 from ebay. The others just aren't doing it for me to worry about getting the whole set, or at that price!
    Looking for:Jedi Temple Guard X2, R3-H17
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    For those local or visiting Cali... the droids are available outside the park in the world of Disney in Anaheim.

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