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Thread: fake prototype fett

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    Quote Originally Posted by WampasGottaEat2 View Post
    Itís the power of words. Scammers make their living walking the tight rope of wording.
    Completely agree.

    This is how to make something possibly seem genuine whilst still covering themselves by admitting it's a custom.

    Star Wars Blue Boba Fett Custom Rocket Firing Kenner (Protoype)

    Great shape! These are custom figures made by and painted by one of the original kenner engineers! Some look no different than prototypes that have surfaced.


    About this listing:
    All of our prototypes have originated from the original Kenner factory in Ohio and sourced by a former engineer/toymaker who requested anonymity. He worked there for over 30 years and amassed over 100 prototypes of varying levels from Art, original molds, Hardcopy, Test shots, unpainted and salesman/production samples. All prototypes in this auction are actually figures he himself designed and engineered or hand painted.
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    WTB: R5-D4 Proof Cards & Cromalins
    Looking for R5-D4 ESB 48c back proof card (Admiral Ackbar offer)!!

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