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    I will be attending Montreal Comic Con all 3 days (Friday through Sunday), and would be glad to offer help for anyone who needs it at the show. I can offer help with any guest(s) in attendance (celebrity, video game, comic artist or other) on any item you may have. If volume for a particular guest becomes too high to comfortably and safely manage, I may cap it off. I will also be attending Ottawa Comic Con (May 11-13) and FanExpo Canada (Toronto) (Aug 30-Sept 3) if you have items to be signed by other guests at these shows, I can hold onto them for you to save shipping costs.

    First wave of guests listed below and they are still adding new guests. Prices are not posted yet, but surely to appear soon. The first guests announced are:

    David Duchovny
    Gillian Anderson
    Chuck Norris
    Adrian Paul
    Amanda Tapping
    Pom Klementieff
    Danny Trejo
    Jennifer Morrison
    Larry Hama
    David Lloyd
    Arryn Zech
    Barbara Dunkelman
    Dan Parent
    Gautier Langevin
    Gerry Conway
    Gisèle Lagacé
    Jeik Dion
    Joel Adams
    John Tyler Christopher
    Kara Eberle
    Ken Lashley
    Lindsay Jones
    Marco Rudy
    Mark Sheppard
    Michael Cho
    Michael Jones
    Neal Adams
    Nick Bradshaw
    Olivier Carpentier
    Yanick Paquette

    Fees per signature as follows – all prices and fees in USD$:

    $5 for table photos, trading/index cards
    $10 for action figures, comic books and photos 8x10 up to 11x17 photos (includes Funko Pops)
    $15 for larger items and posters

    Please PM or email me (with the subject “Montreal Comic Con) at for any questions or orders. I need to receive payments by July 4 so I can get it from Paypal in time for the show, and items must be received by July 5 as well (for obvious reasons). Fees/prices listed do not include return shipping. All US shipping will be sent via USPS tracked priority mail, and international shipping will be sent via Deutschepost with full tracking unless other arrangements are requested. Shipping costs will be included in your final invoice to allow me to process and ship your items back within the first few days after the show. These are actual shipping costs based on size, weight and postal zone that I have accrued through years of experience and working with the post office.

    I always have on hand Blue, Black, Gold, Brown (yes Brown), Red and Silver sharpies, as well as a multitude of paint pens, or you can send your own if you prefer. Let me know if you need something specific in mind and we can work something out. I have been attending cons for myself for over 20 years, and have been helping out fellow collectors for years getting signatures on their prized items, and I always treat all your items as if they were my own, often better. I can also get lab photos printed up if you have something in particular in mind or shipping time is an issue up to 24x36 for an additional cost.


    Please label your items with your name (to avoid confusion or mistakes) and also a post-it to specify what color ink, placement and if you want it personalized or quotes (at the guest’s discretion of course). A $5 labelling fee will apply for any items not labelled. Photos are generally not allowed at the guest tables, but some will make an exception when signing. I will always try to snap some pics of them signing but cannot be guaranteed.
    "Giggidy-Giggidy-Gone!" - Quagmire
    "Right you are, Ken" - Vic Romano (MXC)

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    Danielle Panabaker added
    "Giggidy-Giggidy-Gone!" - Quagmire
    "Right you are, Ken" - Vic Romano (MXC)

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    Gillian Anderson cancelled due to scheduling conflict.

    Mitch Pileggi and William B Davis just added
    "Giggidy-Giggidy-Gone!" - Quagmire
    "Right you are, Ken" - Vic Romano (MXC)

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