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Thread: Suspect AT-AT Driver Rifle

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    Sorry for the delay in response. The "rubbery" rifles (AT-AT Driver, Luke Hoth & Rebel Commander) are from the "Action Figure Survival Kit" mail-away promotion. FYI the other weapons in that set (Snowtrooper rifle, Bespin & Imperial blasters) are the same as regular releases and NOT rubbery like the black rifles.
    Ok wow thanks I had no idea the survival pack version was different. That helps tremendously. I wonder if TIG just doesn't list the survival kit version for a particular reason or if it was just over looked? I've got a survival kit mailer still with the box, bag, and instruction sheet. I'll go back and look through the plastic of the baggie and see it the markings line up with this loose one I have. Thanks again Emperor's Hand!!!
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    How do you feel about survival kit rubbery weapons? I’ve got them on some of my loose figures and it doesnt bother me. I went through a phase were it felt a bit of a cheat...But now I’m past that thinking now.

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    I kind of like the harder, non-rubbery ones with the driver figure because that's what the carded versions would have been issued with. I don't think there is anything wrong with putting a rubber survival kit version with a figure though, it just doesn't quite seem like the real deal to me. It sure is a heck of a lot better than going the repro route. I've got a shelf of loose weapons that I keep a some of the rubbery at-at driver rifles on. Looks cool displayed!

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