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Thread: UK Showmasters Send In Service

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    Hi, I used the service last year. The experience was OK, a little non-communicative - I had to chase to confirm that he had in fact got my item and had shipped it, etc. Plus the signature wasn't personalized like I paid for .

    Off that back off this thread I'll definitely be checking out Skywalker signings.

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    hey hey man!! never thought to make this connection, LFCC IS looking good, so glad it's a few months away, cuz man it's tough to keep up with all the options nowadays...damn FB!!
    Quote Originally Posted by GMan75 View Post
    GC Signings that jpolli666 mentioned is myself, I decided to create a Facebook group to keep everyone I've helped in the past up to date with conventions that I am attending in case they want any help. I'll be going to LFCC in July, so feel free to join my group for that plus other conventions I'll be attending.

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    I sent an item in to Showmasters last year. Basically NO communication but I did receive my item back the way I wanted so I was pretty happy with that. Don't think I'd go through them again. I'd try to get another more reliable service. Also can't recommend Imperial Signings. I had problems with them 2 out of the 3 times I ordered from them. Waited months to get my items after he swore he sent them.
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