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Thread: A beginning landing pad..

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    A beginning landing pad..

    So I was recently taking pics to catalog my vehicles and I was really disenchanted with the home studio of "a table in the basement" to take them. I have gathered some supplies over the years and have some leftover lumber from a recent home project and thought I'd see where it took me. Dunno where to go from here. I need to make some vertical walls to go on 2 sides of the platform. Thought I could make a few docking bays along one wall to park ships at. Well, here's some pix...

    Figuring out the wiring. It's a battery operated string of 20 BRIGHT blue LED lights from either a holiday or a craft store clearance. I have two of these to use...

    All even with the floor and hot glued in. The sticker and pencil marks will be sanded off later..

    Test shot with an A-Wing. Dan Like!!

    Another test with something larger. Unfortunately, I don't think the BMF will fit on this. It's ok, this is just a test run to sharpen my carpentry skills for now...

    Some more layout shots. I love the ants' eye view shots!!

    That's all I got for now! Let me know what you think!!

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    It's a great start. You need some guidance lines, refuelers, repair station and possibly some cargo.

    I think Playmobil has some tower lights if you want some above lighting.

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    *golf claps

    Great dio. The lighting is really cool. :{J
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