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Thread: ROTJ Nien Nunb proof card

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    ROTJ Nien Nunb proof card

    Hi everyone!

    What is the going rate (if known) for a ROTJ Nien Nunb offerless proof (standard)? Ungraded but 85-90 range.

    Thanks for your time

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    Hey Trap,I would guess $1,500 to 2,200. It's just a guess but i know return proofs are pretty scarce so not a lot of sales to compare with. K

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    I'd say $1800-2200, just to hone in on a range. I paid $2K for mine about a year ago, that was a 65 back, which back are you looking for as a 77 or 79 would be a different number?
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    Thank you, gentlemen. It is a 65-back

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    I agree with Fratboy24 and jedikman, around 2K these days.
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    Honestly, I'm thinking $2K minimum these days - there are a lot of people looking for RETURN proofs ATM (myself included) so I don't think anything up to $2.5K is out-of-the-question. I don't think any RETURN proof would be below $2K today.
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    Lobot.... that guy is bottom of the barrel.... maybe $1800 - 2k tops. He doesn't get much love, but he does have Stormtroopers protecting his back.
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