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Thread: FS: Vintage Vehicle, Playset and Figure Lot

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    FS: Vintage Vehicle, Playset and Figure Lot

    This is a lot full of vehicles, figures and playsets in various condition. I took pictures of everything from every angle to make sure you get an accurate picture of each piece. The only things missing are the accessories for the figures - guns, plastic backpacks etc. I am not a vintage collector so not too sure on pricing. Just going off of what I have seen on here and on eBay. I would like to sell everything together if possible and I am absolutely open to offers if my price seems too high. Here is the list:

    Sold on eBay for $300 shipped

    Snowspeeder with box - missing the right rear cannon but I cleaned up the electrical work on the insides and the lights work nicely.

    X-Wing with flattened box - missing all stickers and one of the blaster cannons. Light does work.

    Dagobah playset with box - only included the little silver box and the wooden figure holder

    Ewok Village Playset without box - includes the three struts underneath, the safety rails, throne for Threepio, the carrier for the throne, the wooden cage with string, Boulder with string and sticker on the fire pit.

    The Jabba the Hutt Dungeon Playset with box - only includes the tall piece that pops in and any stickers shown in pictures. The box has a square cut out near the UPC code

    Darth Vader Collector’s Case - with about 1.5 full
    sheets worth of stickers and the color paper figure insert

    The following figures:

    Han Solo
    Star Destroyer Commander
    Rebel Soldier in Hoth Battle Gear
    Stormtrooper in Hoth Battle Gear
    Bespin Security Guard
    Leia in Bespin Gown
    Han Solo in Hoth gear
    Tie Pilot

    Here are the links to the picture galleries:
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    Nothing? I’m a newbie to there something I’m doing wrong or is this just not a very exciting lot lol? Or am I just being impatient and I need to give it time for the right buyer to come along?
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    Thanks for all the interest but this sold on eBay a few days back. On to prop replicas now!

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    To answer your question, the classifieds forum here isn't what it used to be. A lot of things get listed and sit around for a while, waiting for the right buyer. Times have changes a lot in the 11 years I've been a member. People used to buy and sell like crazy here. If you're going to post something here, give it time. Or just put it up on facebook or ebay instead.

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