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Thread: Possible EBay POTF Kenner Coin Scam

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    More suspicious is that there are two accounts selling similar coins from the same location/ city. Just overnight they posted 3 auctions for 3 different Yak Face coins. Every day it seems there are more rare coins popping up. Just doesn’t jive right unless that “ bucket” is magical and bottomless enchanted by the Ghost of Bernie Loomis..

    Also the description of the coins has varied from found at flee market , Kenner employee find to from my personal collection.

    another point I would like to add is that the main seller changed thier EBay profile name already once and might have possibly created a second account

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    he actually told me in the email that he had to change his original account because it was hacked . just saying
    a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work

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    Does anyone know if the molds/ dies that were from the original vintage coins destroyed or did the company that Kenner outsourced to keep copies ?

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