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Thread: DS9K's inventory pics

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    DS9K's inventory pics

    Finally decided that I have too much still in boxes and packages so I decided to start taking inventory of just what I have open and what I need to get rid of and what I have left to hunt down. I started with my loose vehicles and ships. Sorry for the craptastic pics as I was working in the basement with my phone as a camera and...screw that! If you don't like the pix, there's lots of other threads for you to lurk in!

    First, the shuttles

    My original-when-I-was-8-years-old Millenium Falcon and a beater POF2 I found somewheres..

    A POTF2 B-Wing and the K-Mart rererelease..

    The Clone Wars Y-wing Bomber that I initially resisted buying for $ome predictable rea$on, but when I finally got one, I was stunned at how well built this one was!

    Some of its ancestors. The one in the foreground I got when I was about 15. It had been fully painted black with blue stripes and I've since restored it as best I could and widened the droid socket to take the modern astromech sculpts. Everything still works!

    One of my A-wings and a few more recent ships and vehicles. The Anakin and Zam Wessell speeders are starting to deteriorate in the rubbery nose parts that collapse with the battle damage. Just FYI if anyone has them stored and hasnt checked them lately..

    Surprisingly, the only modern TIE I have opened... Gonna remedy that soon...

    Ah, mini rigs and VMEs... Some hate them, I loved them. Good memories of childhood there.. Yes, I have the original white Blockade Runner in the belly of that Star Destroyer. No, you can't see it...

    Speeders and... Ignore that green thing.. 16 year old me thought the Empire would have done better if they had some camouflage. I'll restore it.... someday...

    More speeders, more mini rigs...

    My original Kenner AT-AT. A little worse for wear, but wouldn't have it any other way. That walker at the bottom has assured me he's under a doctors care for that...

    And here we have a family of AT-ATs taking their juvenile out for a morning walk...

    Some of my favorite pieces, my original troop transports.. Yes, the record player still works!

    I think someday I'll paint details on them but following the original deco. I'm crap at reprinting decals. Yes, I made the replacement covers out of styrene. The flat one fits perfectly. The angled one needed to fit over a C battery and doesn't fit as well. Someday, I'll get original replacements.

    More speeders. When you store your loose vehicles, make sure the plastic isn't being stressed in a way that bends it, like my green BARC speeder there..

    Mr. Walker and Mr. Wheeler. Anyone remember that cartoon?

    Three generations of Cloud Car. The one on the left belonged to my Best Friend. It survived a catastrophic house fire and is in perfect shape!

    Another A-Wing. It's the latest release with the retooled cockpit.

    I don't remember this in any of the films! Gonna have to marathon them again this weekend to be sure. Anyone remember this gem from childhood?

    And of course you know I have one of these. Two actually.. Its brother is still entombed in its cardboard prison. This one was my sons' before he teenagered out of the toy phase. Slightly dog chewed on the cocpit..

    Well, that's enough sharing for tonight. Please leave thoughts and comments if you would like to see more!

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    Love seeing all your pics! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you the Starbird. I use to play with it constantly, it was an awesome toy.

    Sounds, lights, break off fighters and different variations...classic.

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    Thanks for the reply! I wish i had more of a display set up other than just "on the old table in the basement". This started as just having a photo record of what i have for when i go to flea markets and trade shows. I'll post more pics as I go through more boxes..

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    More pix!
    How could I forget to get this one! It was watching over my shoulder when I took the last bunch of pix!

    And now for the Boxed/Someday I'll open them ships!
    I didn't remember I HAD a TIE Bomber until I found this one in a box..

    This is one of the last purchases I got from The Earth Collectible Toy Mall in Cincinnati before they closed their storefront... I miss them...

    This will be an opener because our cats used it as a bed before I caught them. Stoopid cats!!

    One of Amazon's famous damaged-in-shipping boxes. See also my Vintage Collection Slave One below...

    What I expect to be the final version of the X-Wing from Hasbro..

    Another I-didn't-know-I-had-it-until-I-found-its! I do still need the POTF release though..

    Yes, I love my Y-Wings!!

    And my B-Wings!!

    The aforementioned Slave One in its damaged box.

    Yep, gotta have another one of these! I hope this one is rereleased again in the future..

    And finally, one of the highlights of the Episode one line. The batteries are dead and I am hesitant to check for corrosion and the box is damaged and.... now I'm depressed again, thanks...

    I THINK that's all my loose and boxed ships and vehicles. Sorry again for the craptastic pix. When I have more time and energy, I PLAN to make a more photogenic display and get better pix of these and my figs. Hope nobody's holding their breath!! More later!

    EDIT: If anyone out there has a TAC TIE Bomber boxed or loose (it'll be opened) they'd want to trade even for a boxed K-mart TVC B-Wing PM me asap!!
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