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Thread: Leia Organa ESB-C Bagged Near mint...

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    Leia Organa ESB-C Bagged Near mint...

    Paid $375 for this at auction last year...just had it come back from afa...I assumed w the dark blaster it was a SW-baggy but low and behold its an ESB-C
    I thought that made it a little more rare? I checked AFA population reports and there is not one single bagged leia organa ESB (unless several came in recently as they don't update that in real time)
    Anyways just wondered if anyone had an approximate value for it?
    Here is a pic!

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    nobody? is this just a non interest thing or does lack of knowledge indicate rarity?

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    The right person hasn't seen it yet that's all! Try sending frunkstar a pm he's the baggy expert! I'm guessing around $5-550?? K

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