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Thread: Best and Worst TLJ figures?

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    Best is Ski Speeder Poe for face sculpt (especially after a repaint) and tie between Paige and Hux for sculpts

    My favorites are Emperor Palpatine and Probe/ Darth Vader for the definitive sculpts of the characters.

    Worst is easily Chewbacca and Bespin Han. Force-Link Kylo Ren not far behind.
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    Forgot to add pics of couple of my favorites
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    Really love what you did with your Vader. Makes me hesitant to do my custom and do yours instead. I was looking at POTJ Dagobah upper arms, evolution Vader elbows, potj dagobah left hand, saga removable helmet right hand. Still not sure....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    Are you saying hux is good or bad?
    I'm on the fence and can go either way really. I think he's better than the TFA one for sure
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    Speaking completely subjectively and only about the ones I actually end up buying the best is Luke in the white robes. Arguable whether this one or the later one is superior, but picking up this version of Luke on Force Friday was a highlight. Had been waiting so long to get a new Luke figure after they skipped out on him in the Force Awakens line and to finally have it in my hands was a real feel-good moment.

    The worst is probably Obi-Wan simply because I must have got a faulty one since his arms pop off if you look at them the wrong way.

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