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Thread: Gentle Giant St. Patrick's Week Sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATATDRIVER View Post
    I don’t think it had anything to do with the PG , just a couple of give aways they decided to do during their JEDIDAY sale promo.
    Yes, that’s what I think too as they never told the PGM members so can’t claim it’s part of the membership.
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    So, if the giveaways had nothing to do with the PG, where are the rare pieces to be raffled and the rest of all the perks that were mentioned to be part of the PGM last year when we signed up for it? I got my two mini busts out of the $150.00 I paid for the membership, as well as the Celebration exclusive thanks to the raffling of a winning ticket to buy it while at the event, and I'm fine with that, but where is the rest of everything said to be included with it? LOL
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    Daniel doesn’t seem to want to answer that question, it’s something else he ignores when asked. May as well close the Q&A thread as it’s definitely not back in business.
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    Hey Fellas,

    New PG email went out today. Has the Q3 and Q4 winners. Vault winner will be picked on Wednesday.


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