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Thread: Marauder 1/18 WW2 Kickstarter

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    Marauder 1/18 WW2 Kickstarter

    Historically accurate, fully poseable World War 2 action figures in 4 scale! Only a few days left, check it out!

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    I'd like some Germans for my Indiana Jones dio. Japanese would be good but not a priority unfortunately.
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    The German officer figure would be a great base for a custom Indy in officer’s disguise from Last Crusade. And the Afrika Korps would obviously be great for Raiders or Last Crusade. As an aside, the unlocked and produced figures will be available later on Marauder’s site, but they are cheaper to get through a Kickstarter pledge.

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    Thanks for posting this, I’m in.

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    I like how one of the GI's looks like the guy from band of brothers. Cant remember the characters name, He eventually took command of easy company. definitely getting him

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