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Thread: Carded Last 17/PotF figures....

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    Carded Last 17/PotF figures....

    I was just going through a few old boxes and came across a few carded figures from the PotF line(along with some other RotJ carded figures).
    I have.....

    • EV-9D9
    • Amanaman
    • Barada
    • Luke Skywalker(Endor)

    All have good bubbles(though yellowed) and the cards are not too bad. EV-9D9 has a price tag on it.

    Anyway I was wondering if they were worth much.

    I've been trying to finish off a loose vintage set and don't have loose examples of these and was considering bitting the bullet and freeing them but figured I'd check here first.

    I can take some pics if that would help.

    Cheers guys
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    Pics are always helpful. Someone here might need them for their collection and might have loose ones they could trade you towards your carded ones. Best to keep your unopened for the best trade values. Hope this helps!

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    Just got my camera back off of my nephew....all the settings are all over the place. Don't seem to be able to get the thing to focus. Soon as I get it working I'll put some pics up.

    An thanks James a trade might be a good way to go.
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    Assuming good shape, without pics, I have seen EV anywhere from 300 to 400, Luke Poncho 250 +, Amanaman 300 to 350 and Barada in the 200 range. At least that's what I have seen.

    Also PLEASE don't open them! Or at least if i where you i wouldn't. I can't tell you how to collect or care for your stuff, but there are a ton of loose one's out there you can get in trade or buy for less than the value of your carded pieces. I just think it would be a waste to ruin MOC's for the sake of a loose run, but that's just me.

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