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Thread: Kenner Canada 31A back Luke Skywalker Bespin fatigues

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    Kenner Canada 31A back Luke Skywalker Bespin fatigues

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out... I've recently come into possession of a Kenner Canada 31A back Bespin Luke, and am interested in knowing the value of it so I can add it to my collection tracking system. I've done some looking, but haven't been able to find out too much about this particular version dollar-wise (at least anything that's very recent). It's not graded; the card lies flat but has a bit of damage where the price sticker was removed, as well as a crease on the bottom right hand corner; the bubble is clear with no cracks, but the top has been compressed a bit; it's unpunched.

    Any help will be appreciated! Thanks

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    It's a production piece, so condition is paramount to many collectors. Price it how you see fit, then put OBO , see what happens. Sharpen negotiation skills , if you can find a recent one that sold on ebay (in any condition) , that can help gauge value.
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    Could you provide photos of it (front and back)?
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    Hi Scott, I'm having some trouble figuring out how to upload the photos. I'll take another crack at it later when I have some more time. Thanks for the reply

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