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Thread: My Star Wars Display

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    My Star Wars Display

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    Looking for some advice on displaying the collection, still
    Not 100% sure. Any opinions will be appreciated, thank you.

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    Cool collection!!

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    Nice mix of scales, my friend. Space is always a harsh mistress...I’m constantly adding, deleting, rearranging...selling off, etc. My mancave is always a work in progress. Glad to see Tarkin commanding the troops!

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    Nice display! Love the Bandai models!

    What kind of base is that for the PF Deathtrooper?
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    Great collection! Thanks for sharing!

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    Like that Scout trooper. Very nice!
    My collection
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    Nice collection, where did you get the display cabinet? Impressed the glass shelf can hold the weight of the Vader Mythos statue.
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