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Thread: SideShow Jabba Deluxe

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    God, I had blocked all of those clones out of my memory. Never really understood the appeal of clones in general. Of course clone variations are super cheap to make once you have the basic armor down, while something like the Rebo Band would require all kinds of unique tooling for each figure. But maybe there is room for that now that Sideshow's figures are so much more expensive.

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    Wasn’t Sideshows original Jabba kinda hollow? I wonder if this one will be a solid resin piece...

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    Yeah Sideshow's original Jabba was hollow PVC...Sideshow's site list materials as PVC...I guess Jabba will be like the original...who knows

    My question is what is the throne made it polystone like before or is it plastic/pvc?
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    It should be made out of marble and lined with precious jewels for the massive inflated charge for a space slug!
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    Thanks, Rock...for saying what many of us are thinking.

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    It is expensive but I really need the slug in my collection. Jabbaaaaaaaa!!

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    Sideshow Live had the old one next to the new one yesterday if you want to compare.

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    I bought the original Jabba, and everything else relating to him, just 2 years ago off of eBay. I bought all of it, thinking it wouldn't get remade anytime soon....bummer
    I absolutely love this new one, but not really wanting to spend 800 bucks!

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