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Thread: Figure Display Stands

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    I have these stands for my collection. I like them because you can fit more figures on a shelf. They come in packs of 20 or 100.

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    Ok so the 40 I bought came in the mail yesterday and I love them. 40 of my figures now have some solid ground to stand on and I'm planning on ordering another 40 stands for some other figures. I'll get a picture of them later to post, but I like the spacing between figures they provide. Not too far apart and not too crowded feeling. I thought it was a decent price for $22. I'm happy. Here's the amazon link if anyone is interested.

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    Ok here’s the stands. I’m pleased. One day I’ll show the whole display off, but I just bought this case last week and am doing some rearranging. Plus I’ve got to order more figure stands for the fellas packed away still.

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    looking good
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