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Thread: Factory error Yoda?

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    Factory error Yoda?

    Out of curiosity I wanted to get some other opinions on this. I picked up a lot of three figures on ebay, including this Yoda. I was actually specifically after him because he had his belt, robe and snake (all not pictured) which are what I wanted and got for less than their individual costs.

    I saw the short ear in the picture. Figured it was bit or cut off at some point.

    What's odd is how rounded and smooth it is. I'm wondering if it could be a factory error. If it was bit I'd expect it to be rougher and tapered, and if it was cut it would be more straight and sheer. This is just a smooth as the rest of the head and almost looks like it could be the way he's suppose to look if we didn't know better.

    The seller deals in a LOT of vintage toys, mostly older stuff and not much star wars. An example is he had a hollow cheek tusken in with another lot of three figures and made no mention of it in the title or description. The descriptions in fact were mostly "Played with condition". Which makes me skeptical that its a damaged Yoda that he tossed the accessories on to hopefully up the final bid on the auction.

    I dunno, I'm just curious what everyone thinks. As a disclaimer, I'm not saying: "omg did i just score a super $$$ rare factory errorz?!"

    Man do I take nice, clear, sharp pictures of backgrounds, lol.

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    It is what is called a short pour, being so smooth and rounded as it is. A factory error.

    Yes, very nice backgrounds! :-) Put the center part (usually represented as a thin-lined circle, bulls-eye or small square) within the viewfinder or screen on the object you want to photograph. The camera, or phone, will try to focus on that area.
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    That was my thought as well, I just wanted second and third opinions. It's a very cool short pour!

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    Yes, short pour (or really, injection). More of a novelty than a huge $$ variant.

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    I totally agree, exactly like two packs..
    wtb: 3 3/4" vintage Yoda first shots, top prices paid.

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    cool though
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    Nice Yoda. I like the odd ball items.
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