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Thread: My Star Wars Room

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    My Star Wars Room

    I wanted to start by showing off what I have out on display today. I am still in the process of moving stuff around.

    I have other stuff in storage that I am working to get out in display in the room as well. I am in dire need of more shelves, but can't decide on how I want to set it all up.

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    Very nice collection! I like the mouse droid, any pics with it? Who made the Stormie armor?

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    I believe the Stormtrooper is an AP kit. I bought it second hand and then put it together.

    Here are some closeups of the Mouse Droid. I had a whole thread on the build at one time, but thanks to Photobucket, it's all gone now.


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    Very cool mouse droid!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lush View Post
    Very cool mouse droid!

    Thanks! I need to make a display for it so he is not always sitting on the floor. I'll figure that into the cabinets that I haven't built yet.


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    Thanks to Mr.FlavaFlave, I have a new addition to my room.


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    Great collection! Some cool pieces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herb View Post
    Great collection! Some cool pieces.
    Thanks Herb!

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    Very nice collection!
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