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Thread: The next big ticket item?

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    Considering my personal interest in collecting declines steadily every year, while I might be theoretically interested in a Ghost right now, in two years or whenever we could realistically expect one, I'm convinced I won't care anymore.
    I'd likely feel the same way in two or three years, sadly. But nothing from the ST is even memorable or interesting looking enough to care about. And just about everything form the OT has already been made, and in decent scale for what it is. It cant be 100% accurate for obvious reasons. Pretty much same can be said of PT, we got most of teh ships that matter. So it would be mostly about "scenes/environments". And we all know Hasbro wouldn't touch anything form EU, so that useless to even consider. Though that is where my choices remain if given a choice. The Outrider w/Dash & Leebo are tops!
    I think this is way HasLab will fail most of the time, we are all too far away from agreeing on one thing. lol
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    Since we got this from Hasbro:

    "Q4) Will Hasbro always pick and choose what HasLab’s future projects will be? How about a fans choice vote for future projects? Will projects always be high-dollar products?

    Answer: Fan choice votes can sometimes become skewed, so we rather talk directly and listen to the fans to get ideas. What ever we hear the fans want, we would like to do. As for future products nothing is off the table be it crazy obscure characters for $12.99 or large monolithic products like Jabba’s Sail Barge for $500."

    Seeing as how, if the barge makes it, they already would have made Yak Face on the POTF card with coin, why not offer as a HasLab project the other POTF coin figures as well.

    Do it kind of like the SDCC Death Star Revenge figures.

    What do you think?

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    I would do just about anything to get a VC Darth Nihlius.
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    Yea OT all the way here. I mean maybe MAYBE a Theed Generator set would interest me. I did once try to build a diorama of Jango's apartment...

    There is not one even somewhat or remotely interesting thing that has come from the new movies that would warrant a purchase from me that would exceed $20. Honestly I wish I could pay Disney for Star Wars and give it back to George.

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