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Thread: Future Vintage Kenner Toys Repertory Book

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    Future Vintage Kenner Toys Repertory Book

    Hello everyone,

    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of our beloved toys, I have a dream project that is to present the regular 1978-85 U.S.Kenner line to France in an illustrated book .
    Like many of you know already, some toys were not available over here in France at the time and for the past 2 years I created a complete draft to edit a repertory book with Action Figures, Large Figures, Playsets and Vehicles seeing in the original trilogy.

    Disney rejects the proposition from the 2nd largest French editor for licenses agreement reasons and now I hope to make a deal with Huginn & Muninn editor who seems to have more connection into the pop culture world and above all, official links with Disney.

    Time is running out but I really hope that it will be on the shelfs for next Christmas back home.

    Check out my presentation video on YouTube (Running time1mm):

    If you like it, donít hesitate to share it in the SW collectible world!

    If link doesn't work, here is the full video name on YouTube:
    Vintage Kenner star wars toys repertory book (French dialog with English subtitles)

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    Good luck! Love the layout, this would be a great coffee table book for my home!

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    Thank you for your support!

    The struggle for editing continue

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