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Thread: Jabba's Sail Barge

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    I'm confused why this is in this thread? There's already a dedicated thread in Hasbro section.

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    Thought this new HasLab was about replicas and not toys...especially since $499 is a bit steep for a toy.. but maybe I'm wrong.

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    this is for their new TVC line, it's 3.75" figures so not a replica.

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    With only 22 days at only 50% .. It looks like it won't be in production... Due to the goal of 5,000 not reached..
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    I don't like how Hasbro essentially dropped the ball on their 3.75" figures, removing most articulation and detail and instead focusing on the 6" figures. Since then I have only picked up maybe two figures and pretty much given up on the line.

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