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    Vintage Weapons

    Just looking for some opinions and advice from the experts out there. I have a small tin that I have kept since I was a kid that is full of vintage Kenner weapons for my action figures. I think I would like to sell the entire collection on eBay as a Buy It Now. Anybody have any recommendations as to what I should set the price at?

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    Bespin blasers are $5-6 each, Squid head blaster $7-8, Hoth and IG-88 rifles are $3-4 each, Gaffi sticks are $15 each, Yoda cane $20, Ugnaught case $4, Madine staff $5, Zuckuss rifle $5, Boosk rifle $4, 4-Lom rifle $5, Chewy rifle $7-8, Stormtrooper blasters $10, Jawa blaster $20, Nikto and Klatuu skiff staffs $5-7 each, Royal guard broken pike $0. Those are individual prices so if you sold them as I bulk lot you should list them as a buy it now around $150-175 would sell pretty quickly in my opinion. You could get more if you sold individually but it might would take longer to sell. Just my opinion.
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    Thanks JediMarty! I don't think I want to take the time to sell them individually. I've looked at a few eBay auctions trying to gauge their value but I didn't think anybody would know the specific prices for each one! I'll probably just throw the entire lot on eBay then and see what happens. Thanks again, and if anybody else has any other expert advice please let me know.
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    I'd list it as an auction and I bet you will get $200 if you include the awesome star destroyer tin! K

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    Followed your advice and just stuck them on ebay. They just sold today for $255! Thanks everyone for your help. They found a good home with a great vintage Star Wars collector.

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